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Philippine Star’s Roberto Romulo praised Henry Howard for his contribution to the U.S. and the Philippines

In his Filipino Worldview column of December 9, Roberto R. Romulo wrote about the US-Philippines Society Henry B. Howard as “American friend and philanthropist.” 

“I met Henry Howard several times in Washington, D.C. during Ambassador Joey Cuisia’s dinners. Everybody seemed to know him. He wasn’t in government and yet during my conversations with him, he amazed me with his knowledge of the “ins and outs” of Philippine as well as American politics. My old friend and classmate, former Ambassador Raul Rabe enlightened me that Henry was a well-known figure in Cagayan de Oro having been educated there.”

“Henry has also been recognized by the US-Philippines Society for his unstinting support for the Philippines and sits on the board. Recently, he was the recipient of an outstanding alumnus award from his Alma Mater, Xavier University. He was recognized for his donation of $1 million from 2001 to the present. Scholarships were given to 125 poorest of the poor students from Mindanao and Sulu; half of them Muslims, 25 percent Lumads. Beyond his donation to Xavier, there are countless instances when he supported our cause financially. I also learned that he is a meaningful contributor to US presidential candidates. I share the sentiment expressed by his friend: ‘You are more Filipino than some of our oligarchs.'”

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