"The mission of the US-Philippines Society is to build on the rich and longstanding
historical ties between the United States of America and the Philippines.

…and to bring that unique relationship to the 21st century."

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Featured Stories

Featured Stories

Training and Capacity Building of New Tech Engineers in the PH

At an October 29 university visit, US-Philippines Directors Henry B. Howard (U.S. Education Finance Group) and Christian Decker (Planate Management Group) formalized a joint program offering scholarship grants and job opportunities for engineering students and graduates at the Universidad de Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines. An MOU was signed on December 18. …


Weekly Series

Weekly Series

A Decade of Service; Counting on your Support

Thank you Members and Donors Through a transitional year in 2022, the US-Philippines Society promoted continuity in relations amid political leadership changes, health and economic challenges, and ongoing global tensions. To help navigate these challenges, the US-Philippines Society organized a series of expert analyses aimed at informing public and elite …



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