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The Duterte Administration: The First 100 Days

Ambassador Maisto presented an in-depth analysis of the policy direction of the new Duterte administration at the SAIS PH Round table on 12 October. He cited President Duterte’s domestic agenda aimed at enhancing peace and order, reducing corruption and red tape, addressing traffic congestion, strengthening environmental protections, fighting criminality in general and the drug trade in particular.

Amb Maisto cited the Duterte administration’s commitment to a strategic balance with other states. He also noted that President Duterte continues to enjoy high public approval ratings.

Ambassador Maisto credited the U.S. with a policy of continued, patient, smart engagement with the new Philippine government, showing understanding of and patience regarding what is driving President Duterte’s agenda, and focusing on areas of common agreement, particularly, providing assistance on drug rehabilitation, combating maritime drug trade and terrorism, promoting more equitable growth, responding to natural disasters, expanding business opportunities, supporting programs aimed at reducing poverty and disease, encouraging regional integration and stability, and strengthening education and people to people ties.

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