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Renovation Of The National Museum Of Natural History

WASHINGTON D.C. – Nestled between neoclassical heritage buildings that now house the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of Anthropology, the old Department of Tourism (originally the Department of Agriculture) undergoes a transformation into the nation’s first museum devoted to fauna and flora.

On 15 July 2016, Dominic Galicia, the principal architect, shared the design concept and project development with a group of US architects, artists, and Society members. Central to the design is a bright and airy public courtyard with a glass dome, connected by a spiral steel structure in a form of a double helix “Tree of Life.”

Photo is the courtesy of Dominic Galicia

Photo is the courtesy of Dominic Galicia

The design process honored the historic edifice’s tall ceilings, generous windows, and other original architectural elements adapted to its new life.  The presentation on the Renovation of the National Museum of Natural History, Rizal Park, Manila was co-sponsored by US-Philippines Society at the initiative of Director Ramon del Rosario,  and the Philippine Embassy.

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