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Food Packs for a Small Southern Mindanao Village Striving for Peace

Villages in Patikul, a 3rd class municipality, in Sulu, Southern Mindanao, experienced displacement and stagnation due to decades of fighting.

“Sulu province was left behind in many development aspects such as healthcare services, community and infrastructure projects, housing development, education and poverty.” observed Project Coordinator Adzhar J. Madjid, for Banglapines International.

However, in the past couple of years, the municipalities have started to gain momentum in maintaining peace and order. Banglapines International Inc. (BPI) in coordination with local partners conducted community visitations and assessment including distributions of food packets during the Islamic month of Ramadhan.

US-Philippines Society with support from Founding Director Henry B. Howard, provided financial assistance for one of the programs. On April 9-10, 100 families received food packets consisting of 10kg rice, 5 cans Sardines, 1 liter oil, coffee, 1kg sugar, 1kg salt, 2 loaves of bread, 2pcs noodles, and 5kg of flour. Another 30 families received 5kg of rice each. The team has also facilitated an Iftar Meal with a community in Brgy. Kaunayan.

This is the second year of US-Philippines Society-Banglapines International humanitarian assistance program in Southern Mindanao. Society members generously gave donations through our fundraising appeal for families in a fishing village in Zamboanga. THANK YOU DONORS!

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