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US-Philippines Society Celebrates 5th Anniversary in 2017




The Society has been fostering understanding between government and private sector leaders, supporting business networking, and promoting people-to-people ties. The 2016 Philippines Business & Investment Forum in New York, the APEC forum in Washington DC, Business Forums in Manila all brought people together and highlighted the Philippines’ achievements in competitiveness, inclusive growth, and reassured investors of policy continuity and new growth prospects in key sectors.

The Society successfully joined its efforts with corporate foundations, NGOs, community groups and individuals to support disaster relief programs helping restore communities in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, rebuilding schools, replacing fishing boats and repairing health facilities.

The Society has grown into a widely-recognized non-partisan, bi-national organization. Now more than ever we are committed to strengthening relations between two longstanding friends, allies, and peoples. We have been working with leaders in Washington and Manila, and focusing our efforts on the important task of providing perspective to audiences in both countries about political and economic developments in the Philippines.

Ambassador John F. Maisto, President of the US-Philippines Society:

“Over the past five years, the US-Philippines Society has shared the story with American audiences of the Philippines’ dynamic growth, its commitment to democracy, our shared history, new business opportunities, and the country’s rich and unique culture.”

“We see a bright, mature 21st century relationship between the Philippines and the United States, building on a rich and unique historical legacy. At a time of democratic political transitions in both countries, the Society can and will play an even more vital role. We look forward to applying our energy to support that vision in the period ahead. Thank you for your support in carrying out our mission over the past five years and for your continued engagement into the future.”

Carmen L. Stull, Project Consultant:

“I have been honored to be with the US-Philippines Society these last five years.   My first project was to present the Bayanihan National Dance company. The “After the Storm” concert brought together leading Filipino and Filipino-American entertainers to raise funds for the victims of typhoon Haiyan. The “pina” took center stage at the Patis Tesoro design and fashion event in DC  and called attention to the needs of restoring the community-based weaving industry in Aklan. The Portland fashion show provided a unique opportunity for Filipino designers to connect with their American counterparts on the West Coast. The US-Philippines Society’s programs have brought Filipino culture closer to the American people.”

William Wise, Associate Director, Southeast Asia Studies Program, Johns Hopkins SAIS:

“We are a graduate school of international relations with students from more than 70 countries and campuses in Washington DC, Europe and China. So, the idea of diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our existence. That’s why our working with the US-Philippines Society is so rewarding. Our joint activities attract policy and opinion leaders, students, faculty, think tankers and members of the Asian-American Community. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the years ahead.”


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