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Families in Leyte welcome Relief Food Packs

Thanks for your Support! Families in Pastrana Leyte welcome Christmas Food Packs

A day before Christmas, families in one community in Leyte were recipients of relief food packs. When typhoon Odette made landfall in the Visayas region on December 16, the community spent two days in the evacuation center. Electricity and telecommunications were down. Fortunately no casualties were reported.

The US-Philippines Society and the BDO Foundation with assistance from local volunteers including from the Department of Health delivered relief food packs for indigent families and seniors served by the Pastrana Rural Health Unit (RHU) in Leyte. Each household received food, rice and bottled water. Families joyfully welcomed the gifts saying that the food pack is what they will be having for Christmas celebration. One senior citizen who was alone during Christmas said, “Christmas is just another normal day for me, but you made it very special this year. I will make sure that I will not be the only one who will have a special Christmas. I will share it with my neighbors and celebrate Christmas together. Thank you and may you be blessed more” (translated).

Funding of the program was through the generous response by US-Philippines Society donors. Under the 2016-2017 joint USPHS and BDOF initiative, the Pastrana RHU underwent rehabilitation after sustaining extensive damage from super typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

Below are photographs shared by the Pastrana Municipal Health Office and local volunteers who in the Christmas spirit delivered the food packs on time.


Volunteers prepared grocery items in food packs and delivered to families

Pastrana volunteers in Pastrana RHU, December 24, 2021

Pastrana Leyte beneficiaries include senior citizens living alone, December 24, 2021

A Pastrana family receive relief food pack, Dec 24, 2021

Pastrana family receive relief food pack, Dec 24, 2021


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