Disaster ReliefPrograms

Disaster Resiliency Program in Aklan, Philippines

Training and demonstration of Fiber Production Process from Leaf to Finish Product  Weaving to Transform, Uplift Livelihood, and Preserve Culture On 30 June, the US-Philippines Society and Philippine Disaster Resiliency Foundation (PDRF) staff visited members of the Aklan Pina Mantra, an association of mostly women-owned small enterprise producers of the …

Cultural and EducationalPast Events

Philippine Design, Textiles and Fashion- A Gala Evening

WASHINGTON, D.C.– A “Gala Evening Celebrating Philippine Design, Textile and Fashion” was a huge success, drawing a diverse crowd of US government officials, members of the Washington diplomatic corps, members of the Filipino-American community, and the general public, and shining light on the fabric and designs that make the Philippines …