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Philippines 2016: Governance, Growth, Development and Security

WASHINGTON, D.C.- At the April 28 symposium “Philippines 2016: Governance, Growth, Development and Security” leading officials and analysts from the U.S. and the Philippines reflected on initiatives launched under President Aquino as he concludes his six-year term. Panelists highlighted gains from reforms and offered proposals for sustainable growth, poverty reduction and …

Strategic and Political

Philippines Votes 2016: SAIS Roundtable with Dr. Abinales

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On 20 April, 2016, as Filipinos are getting ready to vote for their next president and vice president, political scientist Dr. Patricio N. Abinales discussed Filipino voting habits, polls and surveys, and political trends and complex political party campaign practices. at Johns Hopkins University SAIS. The event …